Friday, October 31, 2008

Out of this World

My bad.
I haven't updated my blog much lately. The road to the World Series was a long and grueling ride. No, I didn't hit any home runs myself or pitched out of any jams, but the long nights and crazy travel plans took it's toll.
For a month, I got to pretend I was a sports photographer.
Working with and against the best in the business was a rewarding and humbling experience. Although seeing it unfold through the viewfinder made it seem as if it wasn't real. It didn't soak in.
As the World Championship parade rolled out of the downtown, which was pretty amazing in itself, I found the moment. It was a moment that I couldn't translate into a still photograph. (Maybe it was a video moment.) The parade turned left off of Broad Street toward Citizen's Bank Park. The crowd, dressed in mostly red, lined both sides of the access road. The ballpark was framed in the background. They where chanting for the their team. It was a joyous welcoming crowd.
I paused, put my cameras down and turned 360 degrees to soak it all in. It was this moment that made it real for me.
Philadelphia finally has a champion.

World Champions parade, Philadelphia, Pa., October 31, 2008


Steve Gengler said...

Hey Dave, really nice stuff, my favorite from is this shot

Scott Anderson said...

Fun times eh?

colin said...

really nice stuff, i've got a snap of you on one of the floats

Faye Murman said...

Great work, Dave! My favorite shot is the first one. It's so beautiful.